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Solar 39ft 100 LED Chrismas String Lights Multi-color

  • 33ft long light string of 100 LED multi color. Total length: 39ft.
  • 8 modes options. Multi-color
  • Solar powered battery string lights. Automatically light on/off. Charging time: 6-8hours. Working time: 8-15hours. The solar panel MUST be installed where it can receive maximum sunlight during daytime hours.
  • Waterproof for Indoor and Outdoor, withstanding bad weather like heavy rain, snow etc.
  • Buy with confidence. We have professional after-sale customer service. If there any issue with it, please contact us, and we will response and solve it within 24 hours (replace or refund). Your satisfaction is our top priority.
Color Name:Multi-color

Qedertek Solar String Lights for Outdoor/Indoor, 39ft 100 LEDs Multi-color

Solar-powered String Lights
No utility energy costs. No extra electricity consumption incurred.
LED light can keep glowing for about 8 hours a night after fully charged during the day.

Waterproof String Lights
Designed to withstand light rain, snow or water spills, making it perfect for outdoor decor.
Solar panel box are all weather devices. They would not be affected by exposure in rain, snow or temperature.

Advanced Lighting Source
8 mode options
If one light goes out, the rest will stay lit up.

Lighting Sensor Technology
The string lights will light up automatically at dusk and may automatically turn off at daytime

Recommended Applications
Event Decorative Lighting for Garden, Homes, Wedding, Christmas Party,
It can be hung on tree branches, bushes, roof, eave, fence or any other places you wish.

The solar panel MUST be installed where it can receive maximum sunlight during daytime hours.
Any cover to solar panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and decrease the amount of
brightness and duration of the LED lights.

1.Brand: Qedertek
3.Material: Plastic
4.Dulb diameter: 5mm
5.Number of lights: 100 LED
6.Switch: ON/OFF, 8 mode options 
7.Solar panel: 2V 170mA
8.Rechargeable Ni-MH battery: 600mAh
9.Charging time: 6 hours
10.Working time: 8 hours
11.Total length: 39ft
12.Length from solar panel to first light: 6.5ft

What's in the Box?
1 x Multi-color 100 LED Lights
1 x Ground Stick
1 x Solar Panel
1 x Instruction

Is there a switch or did my light arrive broken? It was in the sun all day, but did not come on at dark.
There are 2 buttons on the back of the solar box. One for power the other for the mode or flashing sequence of the lights. 
By MsDvPhilly on September 11, 2016
There is a on and off switch. There is also a mode switch. 
By aquafun on September 11, 2016
Yes there is not only an off and on switch but a mode switch to I believe on the back side. Mine stay charged all night into the early morning hours, very happy with them. 
By megofoxterrier on September 12, 2016
Check the back of the solar senior. There are two switches. One for on and off. The other switch (actually buttons) control the light display. 
By john k on September 11, 2016
There are 2 buttons on the back of the solar box. One for power the other for the mode or flashing sequence of the lights. 
By MsDvPhilly on September 11, 2016
Yes there just lovely , lovely, 
By Merry Anne lauren on September 11, 2016
Can you connect multiple strands together ?
Ad says no. I have not tried 
By lisa on July 13, 2017
No you cannot. 
By Kembly Cerdas on July 16, 2017
Can not connect multiple strands. 
By silverharp on July 14, 2017
Ad says no. I havenottried 
By lisa on July 13, 2017
No...but the strand is quite long! 
By Boomer Expert on July 13, 2017
Does waterproof mean I can put in a pond?
I would not. Mine quit working after a heavy rain. I will give them another try. I may have just gotten a bad one. 
By Bob on May 21, 2017
You can put the LED lights in the pond, but the solar panel can not be put in the pond, by the way, if you put the LED lights in the pond that maybe reduce the service life of the lights. hope this is helpful. 
By Icicle Direct on May 22, 2017
I dont think so, think it means outside, mine didnt work period. Will probably try to return 
By Kathy Smith on May 21, 2017
When on rainy day,is there any other power supply that I can use to instead the solar power supply?
Actually you can. But you would have to have another charged NI-MH battery and you would have to open the charging unit and swap out the batteries. It's not alot of work, but you'd have to determine whether it's worth it or not. 
By bkhs81 on May 5, 2017
No. This is powered strictly by the sun. That being said, if you put in a sunny enough spot during the day it will stay on during the rain. I've had mine up during rain and they stayed on just like they were supposed to do. 
By Stephanie A. Stuart on December 11, 2016
No, it won't light at night if there hasn't been sun during the day. 
By Jud on December 11, 2016
How much length between the solar panel and when the first light starts?
Approximately 6 and 1/2 feet. 
By Jubilee on March 27, 2017
How can I make the lights automatically turn on at the dark and turn off at the dawn?
It happens automatically as long as the solar panel got charged in the light during the day. Make sure the button is turned on in the back too. 
By Steelerstahl on December 6, 2016
Please confirm if this is a string, i.e. one continuous line of lights and not a grid or net of lights. Thanks!
Yes this is a string of lights 
By yvonne hien-moore on November 6, 2016
Do they have end to end plugs so you can use more than one string?
No, it's just a string of lights connected to a solar panel device. There is no male or female plug at all. 
By Liz on November 28, 2016
By Amazon Customer on November 28, 2016
By Lisa D Wilson on November 30, 2016
Are there temperature limitations on the lights?(at what temp should they be taken indoors)
Based on my research (which was in Danish) it says- Working temperature: -20¡æ ~+60¡æ Which came out to be -4 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit. Alsoit says- To maintain a long working life, please avoid to use it in big rain. 
By Shelley H. on September 1, 2016
What foot length should I get to cover a 5 foot wood slat tree?
I really do not know what a wood slat tree is!!! 
By Kay Lincoln on February 13, 2017
How much space is between each light???
Roughly 10 cm. They don't work, don't waste your money. 
By Marye glatz on December 2, 2016
About 4 inches 
By exuberant on December 2, 2016